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Top 3 Marketing Challenges for Small Businesses

Top 3 Marketing Challenges for Small Businesses
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I’ve just read a report by Keap that sheds light on The Top 3 Marketing Challenges for Small Businesses, drawing on insights from 500 entrepreneurs, CEOs, and marketing experts. While the findings offer actionable solutions, my experience suggests that the essence of overcoming these hurdles lies in mastering the art of capturing attention, nurturing relationships, and managing this dynamic over time. 

The original article is here but the essence of the article is below:

Content Creation: Beyond the Creative Block

The report identifies the perpetual demand for fresh, engaging content as the foremost challenge. It proposes leveraging AI tools for content inspiration and generation. However, it's essential to recognise that creativity flourishes not just from technological aids or internal brainstorming but also from understanding the audience's changing needs and preferences. 

Differentiation: The Unique Story

Standing out in a saturated market requires more than just innovative products or services; it demands telling a compelling story. The Keap report emphasises dynamic content, CRM integration, and automation as key strategies, 

Filling the Sales Pipeline: A Consistent Flow

Addressing the challenge of maintaining a robust sales pipeline, the article advises on refining the ideal customer profile, enhancing the referral process, and optimising lead capture. 

This is my additional take on the Top 3 Marketing Challenges for Small Businesses.

Hook Point by Brendan Kane

I am listening to "Hook Point - how to stand out in a 3 second world.” by Brendan Kane which I find particularly interesting for unless we grab and hold someone’s attention, all our marketing effort comes to nothing.   I suppose this does relate to content and given the 3 seconds we have to ‘stop the scroll’ a compelling headline and something visual is essential.

In my experience, the power of video lies in its ability to grab attention in the same way the movement of a small animal will attract the attention of a hawk. Video stories engagingly provide content, making a brand's message memorable and distinctive. Videos allow for a personalised narrative that can adapt to various audience segments, making each interaction feel bespoke and genuine.

Integrating video content at various touchpoints can dramatically enhance engagement, during the sales process (pipeline) offering a more immersive and relatable experience than text alone.  Video in an article, video in email, video to follow up and video to stay in touch. It’s the next best thing to being there in person surely. 

I’ve never enjoyed using Keap. I find it clunky and over-engineered for small business. Based on their original system (Infusionsoft) it’s little surprise their critics called in Confusionsoft. Keap isn’t much better in my opinion. I use a far easier and more productive system to stay organised and in touch with my contacts and sales pipeline and I use AI and Video to add inspiration and impact where it is most needed. 

Let me know if you would like to talk through your content, and sales process or if you are curious about ways in which AI might make you more effective.