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Serious about Networking? This LinkedIn Challenger is Loaded with Business Coaching Expertise

Perfect for entrepreneurs keen to take their businesses to the next level but who might not have the budget for expensive coaching or training programs.
Serious about Networking? This LinkedIn Challenger is Loaded with Business Coaching Expertise
Photo by Evangeline Shaw / Unsplash

Just as ChatGPT is revolutionising the way we access information by challenging Google Search with its advanced AI language capabilities, ActionCoach UK has launched its new freemium platform (No Limits - No Fee) is where serious business discussions are taking place.

The organisation behind No Limits is the BNI of Business Coaching.  World leaders in business and Executive Coaching they are poised to disrupt the professional business networking landscape previously dominated by LinkedIn.

Don’t take my word for it, I’m an early adopter, open to opportunity.  You might be more cautious by nature.  I was an early adopter of BNI back in the year 2000 and I know what that has done for the quality connections I’ve made over more than two decades.

Let's Connect


Since the pandemic, online networking has flourished and is divided between social networks and more serious business networks like LinkedIn.

However, LinkedIn has been useful, since the lockdown, I've seen it morph into becoming more like Facebook, more social than business.  

Not that there is anything wrong with social but if all I see is what you and your cat had for lunch last week, I’ll go to Facebook. If I'm to spend time engaged in business networking online I want to see what content, value, and expertise you bring to the table. I guess it's how you stand out.


Imagine combining the networking connectivity of LinkedIn with a wealth of exclusive business coaching resources once reserved for the high-paying clients of one of the world's largest business coaching organisations.

This new business community is designed to put these valuable resources right at your fingertips, and the best part is that it's based on a freemium model.  Premium content for free.

No Cost - No Brainer?

Well not quite. You would think everyone would jump on this immediately but human nature suggests not. This is exactly why early adopters normally have an advantage in business.


An early adopter is an individual or organisation that embraces new products, services, or technologies before the majority of the market does. These pioneers are often seen as trendsetters, risk-takers, and opinion leaders who play a crucial role in the diffusion of innovation.

In the context of marketing a business, targeting early adopters can be a valuable strategy, as they are more likely to try and adopt new offerings, provide valuable feedback, and spread the word to their networks. By focusing on early adopters, businesses can generate buzz, establish credibility, and gain a competitive edge in their industry.  You want to build your business connections with early adopters.

Early adopters tend to display a higher level of openness to experience, which is one of the Big Five personality traits. This characteristic reflects their willingness to embrace new ideas, products, services, or technologies more quickly than the majority. Openness to experience often translates to curiosity, adventurousness, and a strong desire to explore novel concepts.

In contrast, whilst they will not admit it, most people in business are resistant to change and tend to be more conservative or risk-averse. They usually adopt new products or technologies only after a majority of the market has already done so, as they may prioritise stability and familiarity over experimentation and innovation.


The platform's primary focus is on supporting entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized business owners by providing more in-depth connections and with it opportunities to collaborate, without the “noise” of other online networks.

Their “edge”, in my view, is derived from their 25 years of experience and their position as the World’s leader in business and Executive Coaching.

If you produce content highlighting your expertise (and you should) this platform has an audience thirsty to connect with people who bring value to the table.

It's also for those eager to take their businesses to the next level but might not have the budget for expensive coaching or training programs.

We live in exciting times and the best is yet to come. More collaboration, fewer sales pitches. Quality connections rather than Quantity.

The platform went live last week and is growing fast.  So now is a great time to jump on board. Connect with me there take a look around and then let's get together to talk about talk your 'networking with purpose' strategy.