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Greater Results Through Collaboration: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

When people tell me they're busy in answer to the question "How are you?" I often think to myself "busy doing what, going where?"
Greater Results Through Collaboration: A Guide for Entrepreneurs
Who not How by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Given a choice between 1. Working Harder or 2. Working Smarter which one would you choose? 

If you’ve chosen 2, working Smarter my summary of a book I am listening to on Audible will make perfect sense and have you asking, “Why am I not working smarter than I am?"

The book "Who Not How" by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy, is a masterpiece that focuses on the art of achieving Greater Results Through Collaboration.

Practical Takeaways for Your Business

The video I’ve chosen to distil the key points in the book offers tangible steps that business owners can implement directly into their marketing strategies. It's not just about generating leads or creating content; it's about doing so in a way that is both efficient and impactful, leveraging the collective strength of your network and resources.

The Key Points of the Book are as follows:

Focus on Results, Not Effort: The book emphasises shifting focus from individual effort to achieving results. This mindset encourages seeking innovative solutions and collaborations rather than solely relying on personal effort, highlighting the importance of outcomes over the quantity of work done. When people tell me they're busy in answer to the question "How are you?" I often think to myself "busy doing what, going where?". In fairness, it's a question I ask myself more often than I openly admit.

Leverage Collaboration: “Who can help me achieve this?" becomes a pivotal question in the book, steering us away from the solitary 'how can I do this?' mindset. This approach fosters collaboration, leveraging other people's skills and experiences to achieve objectives more efficiently and effectively. Perhaps a great reason to choose a marketing mentor, especially if marketing is not your primary skill set. A great reason to use the skills of a Personal Assistant if you find yourself getting bogged down with the minutiae or mundane.

Minimise Opportunity Cost: By delegating tasks to others, individuals can avoid the opportunity cost associated with taking on too many tasks. This strategy allows for better focus on high-priority goals and the utilisation of others' expertise to accomplish more with less personal strain.

Clarify Vision and Delegate Execution: The book suggests defining clear outcomes (the "what" and "why") and then delegating the "how" to others. This method ensures that the vision remains intact while giving others the autonomy to find the most effective means to achieve the desired results.

Encourages Strategic Thinking and Autonomy: By focusing on who can accomplish tasks, leaders can empower team members, encourage strategic thinking, and foster a culture of autonomy and innovation. This approach achieves goals more effectively and also builds a stronger, more capable team.  

This a perfect argument for stepping back and "working on your business rather than struggling in it"

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