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Follow-Up: why don’t people make staying in touch a habit?

Are you spending time chasing strangers for business or building relationships with trusted referral partners?
Follow-Up: why don’t people make staying in touch a habit?
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In my book, the follow-up is a step that distinguishes the astute entrepreneur from the crowd. It is an art form that, when executed with finesse, can solidify relationships, confirm commitments, and seal deals that might otherwise slip through the cracks of a busy schedule.  

At its core, following up is an emblem of professionalism. It signals to clients and colleagues alike that their time and business are valued. A simple, well-timed email after a meeting can not only serve as a courteous nod to a shared discussion but also provide a clear record of what was agreed upon, preventing any future miscommunication. This attention to detail showcases a level of care that is often reciprocated in kind, fostering trust and respect.

Moreover, the follow-up is a strategic touchpoint that keeps one's business at the forefront of a client's mind. It’s an important touch point.  In a world of fleeting attention, a reminder can reignite interest and prompt action. For instance, a follow-up call after presenting a proposal can provide the nudge needed for a client to make a decision, thereby accelerating the sales cycle.  A timely text or phone call can keep relationships alive. 

Where commitments are made, the follow-up is the subtle yet persuasive force that turns intention into action. Whether it's reiterating a promised introduction or delivering on a proposal modification, following through demonstrates reliability—a currency of immense value in the business world.  You need to be organised of course. I use One Page CRM to keep me organised. 

"Business thrives on follow-up; it's where potential meets reality."

The manner of follow-up also matters. Tailoring the mode of communication to suit the client's preference—whether it be a call, email, handwritten note, or even a timely message on social media—exhibits an empathetic understanding of their individual style and needs.  A personal letter or handwritten postcard is gold. 

The follow-up is not just post-meeting etiquette; it's a key business practice that nurtures long-term partnerships and drives the engine of opportunity. 

Remember. 82% of sales are made after the 7th touch. If you don’t have a process in place to stay in touch you are guaranteed to be missing out on business. 

Let me know if you would like practical help in this area.