Marketing Scorecard

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Marketing Scorecard
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You have a business and you want it to grow but there are times when you get stuck. 'To be fair, we all do' but then I guess this remark, on its own, doesn't help if you are stuck or unsure of what to do next.

Which part of your marketing should you fix first? Let's start here ...

Life as an entrepreneur has ups and downs.  And the downs are the very time we begin to question the decisions we made to even start a business of our own.

FACT: Most people starting a business have neither the business nor the marketing skills or the budget set aside to attract enough business fast enough to stay in business. They run out of money and quit because they haven't worked out practical, affordable ways of getting in front of enough people who want to buy their stuff.  

Furthermore, most don't have a systematic approach or the regular discipline of taking potential clients through the sales pipeline and beyond.  

I've been in business for myself for over 30 years after a successful corporate career in sales and marketing in the hair and beauty market. I've built successful businesses and failed miserably in others, so I know what it's like to have these feelings, to experience the overwhelm and to feel alone.

If any of this sounds familiar you need to clear the 'brain fog' and get clarity on where you are right now and how to get back on track!

CLICK THE IMAGE to take Your Own Marketing Game Plan Assessment 

In conjunction with a leading company in realistic self-assessment techniques, I've devised a unique marketing scorecard of where your marketing game plan is strongest & most fragile.  

It has been designed to show you your blind spots and provide instant, actionable steps on how to improve.  It takes 2 minutes or less to complete.