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The 8-Word Email That Revives Dead Leads

The 8-Word Email That Revives Dead Leads
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If you've been in business for any length of time, you probably have many ‘dead’ leads. I know I have.

I've found that many businesses quickly give up on these leads, assuming that a lack of immediate response means they’re not interested.

However, a simple yet highly effective strategy from marketer Dean Jackson can breathe new life into these so-called “dead leads” – the 8-word email.

If you have not come across it, here's how it works:

All you have to do is send a simple email to everyone on this dead list saying:

"Are you still looking for [product/service]?"

That’s it.

This straightforward email comes across as a personal message from you to them and, as such, receives far higher engagement.

Real-World Success Stories:

Luxury Travel Consultant:

A consultant selling high-end trips to Israel used the email "Are you still planning a trip to Israel?" to re-engage past inquiries. This simple follow-up revived interest and led to multiple new bookings.

Executive Recruiter:

An executive recruiter struggling to get responses sent out, "Are you still available?" to previous candidates. This simple question broke the pattern of ignored emails and led to numerous replies, reactivating potential candidates for job placements.

Yacht Broker:

A yacht broker sent out: "Are you still looking for a yacht?" This revived conversations with several potential buyers, including one who then went on to purchase a $50 million yacht as an interim solution while waiting for a $130 million yacht to be delivered.

Why You Need to Start Using It:

Beyond the examples above, a groundbreaking study by a company handling millions of inquiries across various industries revealed two critical insights:

– Only 15% of the people who inquire about a product or service will make their purchase within the first 90 days.

– Over 50% will purchase it within 18 months.

This means that a significant amount of the potential value from new leads comes months after they’ve joined your list.

The 8-word email re-engages your list while they’re still in that consideration phase.

Give it a go and let me know your results!


PS: almost forgot.: You may be wondering what the subject of your email should say. How about these (I favour the first one) …

– "Are you still looking for [product/service]?"

– "Quick update on your [product/service] inquiry"

– "Still interested in [product/service], [Name]?"

– "Your [product/service] request – need any help?"

– "Time to revisit your [product/service] plans?"

– "Is [product/service] still on your radar?"

We’re talking about ‘dead leads’ so you have nothing to lose by trying it.