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How to Get Your First (or Your Next) Five Customers

Need to kick-start your lead generation? This video is priceless.
How to Get Your First (or Your Next) Five Customers

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been following Alex Hormozi. His straightforward, no bu**!hit, no excuses approach resonates with me.

His content is highly practical and I have friends who are starting out in business and need a strategy for getting clients. I have friends who are stuck and need to kick-start their lead generation and I think they will also find this video helpful.

I’ve expanded on the action points I've taken from the video below but if getting new clients is really important to you I would highly recommend you find time to watch the video, and then decide what you can use from the advice given. 

1. Building Your Network: Begin by consolidating contacts across email, social media, and your phone, giving you a comprehensive list of potential leads. Instead of approaching with overt sales tactics, initiate authentic, personalized conversations based on known common interests or life events.


2. Engage with Precision: Use the ACA (Acknowledge, Compliment, Ask) framework when communicating. Acknowledge something about the individual, give a genuine compliment, and then make your inquiry, subtly leading them to your service or product. 

3. Soft Approach to Referrals: Instead of overt selling, ask contacts if they know anyone who might benefit from your services or products. This method transforms casual chats into opportunities without imposing undue pressure on the relationship.

4. Offering Value Initially for Feedback: Start by providing your service or product for free, requesting feedback and reviews in return. This strategy accomplishes several things: it helps you refine your offering based on real-world feedback, creates testimonials for marketing use, and introduces potential long-term clients to your value proposition.

5. Transitioning from Free to Paid Services: As you gain experience and testimonials, gradually increase your rates, starting with significant discounts and working your way to full price or beyond. The testimonials and reputation you've built now become instrumental in justifying your pricing to new clients.

Just curious, what is your takeaway from the video?