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More Chat - Less Text

More Chat - Less Text
Photo by Juja Han / Unsplash

James Marriott's insightful article in The Times this morning, entitled "I’ve glimpsed the future — and it’s chat," has a subtext: Podcasts and the art of conversation are becoming increasingly valuable in a world driven by AI.

I found myself thinking about the implications of this shift toward conversational media for marketers, content creators, and entrepreneurs.

The Rise of Conversational Media

Marriott's article highlights how spoken dialogue, epitomised by the staggering popularity of "The Joe Rogan Experience," is becoming the dominant form of media. Despite regularly posting episodes that are four or five hours long, Rogan’s show is downloaded 190 million times a month globally. This isn't a fleeting trend; it's a societal pivot towards authentic human connection in an age of increasing isolation.

Marketing Implications

For marketers, especially those in the wellness sector, this shift necessitates a re-evaluation of traditional strategies. Instead of focusing solely on written content or transactional interactions, consider integrating podcasts or webinars into your marketing mix. These platforms offer a unique opportunity for trust-building, a cornerstone of referral marketing.

Content Strategy

When it comes to content creation, spoken dialogue offers emotional nuances that written text often misses. Wellness practitioners could, for example, host podcasts discussing the emotional aspects of well-being, a topic often overlooked in written guides.

Action Points for Creatives

For photographers and other creatives, this trend offers a compelling avenue for storytelling. Consider producing short video interviews or podcasts that delve into the creative process, offering your audience a more intimate understanding of your work.

AI and the Future of Conversation

As AI becomes increasingly capable, it's worth noting that it still can't replicate the subtleties of human conversation. This makes the art of conversation a unique asset that entrepreneurs should consider integrating into their business models.

Final Thoughts

The rise of conversational media, as highlighted by Marriott, is a societal shift that offers both challenges and opportunities. The key for modern marketers, content creators, and entrepreneurs is to thoughtfully and authentically incorporate this form of dialogue into their strategies, recognising its unparalleled ability to connect, engage, and influence.

I've long been an advocate for the power of video marketing and have a business built around my marketing background and love of video. Most people can see the opportunity to stand out from their competition but there is usually something, some lame excuse, that stops them.

What stops you?