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Next Year is Going to be Very Different

Are you 2024-ready? I hope so. It's going to be the best year yet. or not, depending on what you do.
Next Year is Going to be Very Different
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Really!  Didn’t you say that this time last year?  

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes - David Goggins 

The odds are that you will shortly begin creating New Year resolutions. Good intentions wrapped up in inspiration from what I trust will be an enjoyable Christmas with family and friends. 

Great ideas and good intentions are the easy bit.  Putting those ideas into action means change. Change is hard. It’s uncomfortable. We love comfort. Comfort is … comfortable. 

Together with a group of savvy entrepreneurs, we are going to ‘flip the myth’ that mere thinking or maintaining a positive attitude is the key to success at my workshop in Wells on Thursday, 18th January.


It’s not just about Understanding Your Audience although it will be helpful to know why “you may be saying the right thing, to the wrong people”.

Yes, examine the value of Content in your Marketing and why "chasing ‘likes’ has more to do with vanity than business".

Would it be helpful to re-examine The Journey to a Sale?  "People love to buy but hate to be sold”, so maybe we should take a look at the sales process from a buyer's eyes. 

Question! What is the Value of a Client to You and why is that the single most important fact you need to know?  We’ll discuss this and more at the workshop. 

The real puzzle is "why no one seems to cover Client Retention in their workshops on business growth". It's almost always overlooked.  We won’t. 

Finally, we’ll examine Influencer Marketing and implement "three simple hacks to turn networking into lead generation".

THIS WORKSHOP IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.  Some people have great ideas and good intentions, but no urgent desire to change. They will want to give the workshop in Wells on Thursday, 18th January a miss.  

But that’s not you. So I’m looking forward to seeing you there after what I hope will be wonderful Christmas and New Year celebrations for you, your friends and family. 

Book Now and Make 2024 a Great Year.