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If Selling is Hard for You ...

If you don't feel entirely comfortable selling, I think you will find this article valuable. Let me know what part resonates with you.
If Selling is Hard for You ...

The essence of successful selling is not about talking a customer into buying; it’s about understanding the psychology of the buyer and positioning oneself to meet their needs with ease and authenticity.

People Love to Buy - They Hate to be Sold.

This is the crux of the video, “You Will Never Be Able To Sell Until…," where Myron Golden briefly shares his journey from a struggling seller to a top performer, achieving over $15 million in revenue without spending on ads.

The main takeaways from the video are simple:

1. Detach from the Outcome: The most common pitfall for new sellers is the desire for the customer to purchase. Achieving a mindset where the sale's outcome is irrelevant can paradoxically increase success.

2. Law of Averages: Understanding that sales are a numbers game, and with enough presentations, sales will come. This mindset shifts focus from individual rejections to the bigger picture of consistent effort and improvement.

3. Pre-Indoctrination: The concept involves educating potential customers about the results they desire, not the product itself. This approach builds credibility and trust, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

4. Content is King: Providing value through content, without direct selling, establishes expertise and trust. This method leads to customers seeking you out, reversing the traditional sales dynamic.

I’ve helped thousands of growing business owners adopt a more relaxed sales and marketing mindset, as described by Myron. 

Starting (or growing) any business venture requires not just understanding your product but also the subtle art of selling it. Knowing how to get in front of people who are in the market to buy instead of chasing people who aren't.

Yes, I know it’s not easy when you need the business today but ‘detach from the outcome’. Instead of fixating on each sale, focus on the process and the people. Adopt the mindset that every interaction is an opportunity to learn and to connect, not just a transaction to be won or lost. This shift from a sales-centric to a customer-centric approach not only alleviates the pressure but also builds the authentic relationships that are the bedrock of business success. Remember, people buy from those they trust and feel understood by, so invest time in knowing your customers and understanding their needs.  Timing is a major factor and you don’t get to determine someone else’s timing. 

Additionally, it will take you time and practice to hone your skills. As you do, you will get better. I’ve been involved in sales for over 50 years.  

Content is the currency of modern marketing, and by offering valuable insights and solutions through various channels, be it blogs, social media, or YouTube, you create a community around your brand. 

This strategy, which Myron describes as pre-indoctrination, educates your potential customers about the value you offer, increasing the likelihood that they'll come to you when ready to purchase. If you want to learn more about content click here. 

Finally, embrace the law of averages and be patient; sales is a numbers game that rewards persistence and refinement of strategy. As you sow seeds of value without immediate expectation, you'll find that your business grows a loyal customer base that not only buys but is more likely to recommend you as the go-to person in your niche.