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The First 3 Videos Your Business Should Make

The First 3 Videos Your Business Should Make
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As someone involved in marketing and video production, I found the article on the Wistia site, The First 3 Videos Your Small Business Should Make quite enlightening. Especially for small business owners looking to embark on video marketing without breaking the bank. 

Let me share some key takeaways from the article.

Product Explainer Videos: The first step in video marketing is creating product explainer videos. These are fantastic for helping potential clients understand your product and why it's right for them. You can showcase these videos on various pages of your website. 

Statistics show that a significant majority of people watch explainer videos to learn more about a product or service, and many are convinced to buy after watching such a video. 

The crux here is to focus on the problems your product solves rather than just its features. Keep these videos short, around 90 to 120 seconds, and make sure the script is on point, possibly developed in collaboration with your product teams.

Webinars: Webinars are interactive, online events that can cover an array of topics. They're a blend of presentations and Q&As, which can be watched live or on-demand. They're a great tool for engaging with your audience. Planning, having the right tools, and practising are crucial for successful webinars. After the live session, repurpose the webinar recording for marketing.  

I’ve found that interview discussions are a perfect way to get started. The interviewer asks the questions that you have both agreed on.  He/She will set up the camera, lights and audio so you don’t have to. You share your expertise with them and not the camera. They edit the footage to make sure the finished result looks good. Then we look for ways to repurpose the content in different formats for different social channels. [Plug: the advantages of working with someone else rather than trying to do this on your own]

FAQ Videos: If you're just starting with video creation, FAQ (frequently asked questions) videos are a great low-budget option. They save your team time in answering repetitive questions and build trust with your brand. To create effective FAQ videos, identify the most common questions, script your answers, and focus on being helpful. Visual aids and a friendly face in the video can enhance engagement. 

Remember, when a prospect visits your site they may be researching and considering using your services. They want questions answered before they are likely to pick up the phone to talk to you. 

In conclusion, starting with product explainer videos, webinars, and FAQ videos can kickstart your journey in video marketing effectively, even on a tight budget. These videos not only serve as engaging content but also as valuable assets in your marketing strategy. For small business owners like us, understanding and implementing these approaches can lead to significant benefits in terms of customer engagement and business growth. 

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