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Ditch the Teleprompter

You are considering using videos in your marketing and you want to get it just right. Maybe a teleprompter will help. A teleprompter is the opposite of natural and authentic. Here's why not to use one.
Ditch the Teleprompter
Photo by Steve Lord / Unsplash

You see the benefit of using videos in your marketing and you are tempted to make a 'face to camera' presentation for your website or social media.

It's an understatement to say you are nervous. After all, you want to get it just right. Natural, authentic - and a teleprompter is anything but that!

The question of whether to use a teleprompter for your video presentation often generates a heated debate among small business owners and videographers. While these tools can streamline the delivery of your message, they also introduce an unnatural element that could counteract the authentic engagement you aim to achieve. You don’t use a teleprompter when you are talking to a client or on a Facetime call with friends so why are you even considering it now? 

It takes skill to use a teleprompter. Instead, invest that time in getting comfortable talking naturally to a camera.

The point is, do you value authenticity? If you do, ditch the idea of a teleprompter.

Do I need a teleprompter to get in front of a camera?

Authenticity is not just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of trust in the digital age. Your audience is composed of discerning individuals who can intuitively spot the difference between genuine interaction and a rehearsed script. Unlike professional actors or TV presenters, most entrepreneurs don't have the skill to read from a teleprompter without appearing disengaged. This lack of authentic connection can impact not only the message being conveyed but also the longer-term relationship with the audience.

Secondly, there’s the issue of skill development. Public speaking, like leadership or marketing acumen, is a skill honed through practice and adaptability. The use of a teleprompter can inadvertently stunt this growth by acting as a crutch, keeping you from mastering the art of dynamic, engaging communication.  

In summary, while teleprompters offer the allure of a polished delivery, they often detract from the authentic you.  Each time you step in front of a camera, you're not just selling a product or idea; you're also selling yourself. And in that equation, authenticity weighs far more than word-perfect delivery.