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Sales Stuff Explained

You may be tempted to let LinkedIn take over the way you engage with clients and prospects. Could this be a mistake?
Sales Stuff Explained
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Email v Linkedin. Is email still relevant when social media is omnipresent? And where does video fit into your content and prospecting strategy?

Here is a summary of what I learned from a really good video from Sales Feed on How to Write Perfect Sales Emails

Email Outreach: Establishing a connection with potential clients is more direct via email compared to platforms like LinkedIn. Ensure your email is well-structured with ample white space, avoiding excessive text lines. Refrain from clichés like "I hope this finds you well" and instead focus on creating content that grabs attention. Use words like "surprise" to reengage the reader and always preview how your email appears on mobile devices to ensure optimal readability.

Clients spend an average of 11 seconds per email

Crafting Genuine Content: Prospective clients spend an average of 11 seconds per email, scanning for relevance. Tailor your emails by observing their challenges and framing your solutions accordingly. Instead of asking for their time, inquire if they find your solution intriguing. A genuine effort to understand their scenario will lead to a higher likelihood of engagement.

Subject Lines and Preview: Selecting the right subject line is crucial. Avoid generic lines like "Let's connect"; instead, opt for descriptive yet concise titles like "Sales Insight". This not only piques interest but also optimises the preview text, the initial content visible in their inbox, making the recipient more inclined to open the email.

Leveraging Video: Visuals can provide context and depth often missing from written communication. Instead of lengthy explanations, record short videos highlighting your product's features or answering queries. Ensure direct eye contact with the camera for a personal touch and always provide a context for the video within the email, guiding the recipient on its relevance.

Outreach Strategy: Instead of sporadic follow-ups stretched over months, focus on a concentrated series of tailored communications over a shorter period, say 15 to 30 days. These communications should resonate with the initial reason for contact. Subsequent outreaches can reference relevant events or valuable content, even if sourced from competitors, emphasizing your intent to offer genuine help. I use

Did You Notice?

The video featured is 9 months old and yet here I am absorbing and sharing the content. It's been viewed 4700 times and it remains as a digital asset for Sales Feed. Just another reason why I believe marketing content is enhanced by a video that continues to attract interest 24/7.

In sales and marketing, the concept of "value first" remains paramount. Just as in a luxury boutique where the sales associate understands the nuances of the buyer's taste, and recommends products not based on the highest price but suitability, effective email prospecting hinges on the perceptive understanding of the recipient's needs, and offering solutions that genuinely resonate.