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Video: a Better Sales Solution?

"You can't win a new customer if they don't know you exist." Marcus Sheridan and Tyler Lessard
Video: a Better Sales Solution?
The Video Sale by Marcus Sheridan and Tyler Lessard

The power of video in sales and marketing cannot be overstated, especially where digital content is king. I’ve just finished reading a fascinating book, "The Visual Sale" by Marcus Sheridan and Tyler Lessard, which offers insightful strategies for leveraging video to transform your business's reach and impact. 

Chapter 15 is titled Earning Attention and Reaching New Audiences, which is what many of us need to do to grow our business. Here are the points I took from the chapter and why I believe, other than actual face-to-face, nothing produces results better than video. 

Visibility: The Starting Line

The journey begins with visibility. As Sheridan and Lesard state, "You can't win a new customer if they don't know you exist." This statement underscores the importance of making your brand known, a fundamental step in the digital marketplace. It's about ensuring potential customers discover you at the right time and place.

Brand Awareness: Client-Centric Approach

Brand awareness is more than just getting your name out there; it's about connecting with your audience on a deeper level. The focus should be on the problems your audience faces and how your offerings provide solutions. This approach shifts the spotlight from the brand to the client fostering a more meaningful engagement.

The Client is the Hero

One of the most compelling concepts in "The Visual Sale" is the idea of the client as the hero. In your marketing narrative, your role is to guide, not to dominate the story. This perspective is a game-changer, positioning your clients as the central characters in their journey, with your brand playing a crucial role in helping them overcome their challenges.

The Unmatched Power of Video

As the book suggests, video content is an incredibly effective tool in this journey. It's not just about showcasing your products or services; it's about creating content that answers questions, solves problems, and builds a community. Video has the emotional power to engage audiences more deeply than any other medium.

Your Invitation to Explore

I invite you to watch this video where I discuss these concepts in more detail, drawing on the rich insights from "The Visual Sale."

Time: 1 min 50 secs.

As we try to ‘get to grip’ the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, understanding and implementing these strategies can be the key to transforming how we connect with our audience and grow our businesses.

I invite you to embrace the enormous potential of visual content to make your clients the heroes of their own stories and let me show you the difference it makes to your bottom line.

Here are some ideas of how Video can bring your brand alive: Now is the Time to Build Video into Your Sales and Marketing.