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Get Your Sex Life Back, Melt Belly Fat & Re-Gain Mental Acuity for Your Business

There's a direct link between diet, exercise and brain fog. Between sugar, energy and tiredness. It all affects our approach to business.
Get Your Sex Life Back, Melt Belly Fat & Re-Gain Mental Acuity for Your Business
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I listen to podcasts during my two walks a day and this morning I've been listening to Dr Mindy Peltz on the Diary of a CEO podcast. I'm on a health challenge at present, #75hard and I know how lack of energy can affect all aspects of our life but especially your business.  

There is a direct link between diet, exercise and brain fog.  There is a direct link between sugar, energy and tiredness. And, in our modern world, women face unique challenges that are increasingly alarming.

However, amidst these challenges, there are experts like Dr Mindy Peltz, a renowned functional health expert, bestselling author, and keynote speaker, who strive to empower women with knowledge about their bodies. Dr Peltz has spent two decades educating millions of people worldwide and has gained significant recognition for her expertise in the field of fasting. While fasting is often associated with weight loss and improved health, Dr Peltz's insights delve deeper into its potential impact on various aspects of our well-being, including cancer prevention.

The Remarkable Relationship Between Fasting and Cancer:

One of the striking points Dr Mindy Peltz highlights in her speech is the intriguing connection between fasting and cancer cells. While it is widely known that cancer cells have a heightened affinity for sugar, Dr Peltz sheds light on how fasting can potentially impact the growth and development of these cells.

Unlike normal cells, cancer cells exhibit an increased demand for glucose or sugar. They rely heavily on a process called glycolysis, which converts glucose into energy. This altered metabolism, known as the Warburg effect, is one of the defining characteristics of cancer cells. Consequently, the observation that cancer cells "feed off sugar" has gained considerable attention.

Understanding Fasting's Influence on Cancer Cells:

Dr Peltz introduces fascinating research findings that suggest fasting could play a role in combatting cancer. During fasting, the body experiences a state of prolonged calorie restriction, leading to various physiological changes. Research has shown that fasting can trigger cellular processes that may be detrimental to cancer cells.

One notable aspect highlighted by Dr Peltz is that fasting has been found to selectively target and eliminate cells in the early stages of cancer development. Through the process of autophagy, fasting aids in the identification and disposal of these potentially harmful cells. By tapping into this natural cellular cleansing mechanism, fasting may act as a powerful tool for preventing the progression of cancer.

Moreover, fasting has been associated with a reduction in systemic inflammation, which plays a significant role in cancer development and progression. By lowering inflammation levels, fasting may create an environment less conducive to cancer cell growth.

Beyond Cancer: Additional Benefits of Fasting:

While the relationship between fasting and cancer prevention is an important aspect highlighted by Dr Mindy Peltz, it is crucial to acknowledge the broader benefits of fasting for overall health and well-being.

Dr Peltz explains that fasting has been shown to positively affect hormone regulation, including a substantial increase in testosterone levels in men. Additionally, fasting promotes the release of growth hormone, known for its anti-ageing properties and ability to aid in fat burning.

Furthermore, fasting has been linked to improved metabolic health, weight loss, and the reduction of belly fat. By tapping into the body's innate healing abilities, fasting can lead to enhanced physical and mental well-being.

The video featured in my article sheds light on the challenges faced by women and men in the modern world but also offers insights into the potential benefits of fasting, both for cancer prevention and overall health. With her expertise and years of experience, Dr Peltz emphasises the importance of understanding our bodies and embracing fasting as a powerful tool for well-being.

The Future is Exciting:

I have been able to quickly get into ketosis (featured in the broadcast) and I can tell you that my energy is better, my thinking is clearer and I'm excited about what the future has in store.